#🧭navigation ~ I'll have to put my trust in you, my mechanical perfection :) ~ ### Introduction ![[assets/Pasted image 20210708111207.png]] hey! Welcome to my [[Digital Garden]], my permanently incomplete and ever-expanding archive of my understanding of the world. I'm [[Architect | Jason]]. This is a [[second brain]], a tool I use for hyperlearning, journaling, and synthesizing ideas into real world applications. I use this place to store thoughts, ideas, reflections, information, guides, references, notes, study summaries, personal projects, and much more. [[Collections/Meta/json/motivations]] This is very personal. I hope you enjoy. %%scroll, adventure, explore, browse%% send me a message if you stroll through my garden :) --- # ⚠️ [[DISCLAIMER]]⚠️ --- ### navigating the garden You can follow \[\[links]] and use the graph in order to find connected notes. You can explore whole topics in #🧭navigation files, and you can usually find the nearest one in the backlink section (bottom of the page). --- ### where to start exploring? view from above, garden map (index) - [[json#sitemap]] about me - [[Architect]] of this garden (About me) - [[Developer CV]] Work/Programming/Developer info + CV some random interesting corners: - [[Collections/roadmap/roadmap|roadmaps]] - [[Functional Programming]] - [[polscihissoc ~ politix]] political science | history | sociology - [[culture ~ happenings ~ memeculture]] internet culture archives - [[healthmaxxing]] Health & Body (fitness, exercising, nutrition, looksmaxxing) - [[organization ~ efficiency ~ discipline ~ persistence ~ productivity ~ habits|planning ~ productivity ~ habits]] Self Improvement - [[people]] interesting people - [[finance]] Personal Finance - [[life concepts]] - [[personal]] about the garden - [[meta~info~rules]] how it's organized - [[Collections/Meta/json/motivations]] for building the garden Recently added/updated [[changelog]] In Development [[Desktop]] (notes I'm currently working on) --- ##### sitemap big categories/domains/flora: [[Tech]] - hard logic/skill related concepts (not only tech) [[Social]] (concepts related to people/society) - concepts that are important for understanding OTHERS and the world around me [[Life]] (my personal life, health, self improvement, business, finance) - concepts that are important for understanding MYSELF and improving my life [[Art]] - random creative/self expression/individuality projects [[Bioshit]] - hard logic concepts that are bio-science related (same as tech but with more magic & mystery) [[Collections]] - uncategorized things i wanted to save, collections of items that i like --- > digital garden? more like a eletronic jungle (haha)... what a mess. ![[assets/Pasted image 20210708105029.png]] welcome to my techno dungeon. my own personal hub for exploring ideas across the internet